Overriding Modernizr

Modernizr is a great tool for browser feature detection, but there are times when it’s useful to override Modernizr’s detection and force the configuration of features that are available, both on the Javascript object and also the CSS marker classes. An example of this is when using Chrome Dev Tools to write fallback functionality for older mobile devices – Windows Mobile 7.5 and a Galaxy Ace with Android 2.3 have been problems for me lately.

To help with this I wrote a simple modernizr-override helper to take a predefined Modernizr configuration and inject it on top of the detected features in Chrome.

To get it, and see how to use it, head over to the Github repo here.

DevExpress ASPxTreeList – Single node selection via client side JavaScript.

Using the DevExpress ASPxTreeList control recently I came across the problem of how to only allow one node checkbox to be selected at once.

There are examples on the DevExpress support site of implementing this using server side code and postbacks, however this isn’t so desirable, as incurring a postback for every time a node is clicked is fairly expensive.

I had a look into how to implement this using the ASPxClientTreeList functionality available to deselect nodes when other nodes are selected. The solution I worked out works reasonably well, with one caveat which is covered at the end.

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